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Highland Yoga is an Atlanta-based studio with locations in Virginia Highlands, Grant Park, and Buckhead. Our style of yoga is unique, combining vigorous power vinyasa, creative movement, and mindfulness practices to challenge you in all the right ways. We believe that good things come to those who sweat, which is why our studios are heated to 93 degrees. Prepare to find your strongest self. Prepare to live bigger and breathe deeper. 

What makes Highland Yoga special? Our spaces are designed to welcome you the moment you step through our doors. With organic, thoughtful touches, we like to think of our studios as urban retreats. Come step away from your busy life and focus what really matters. To make your experience easy, Highland Yoga offers a number of amenities, including complimentary towel service and Manduka PROlite studio mats free of charge. 

At Highland Yoga, we aim to create a safe space for exploration of the body and mind suitable for students at all skill level. Our teachers are dedicated to bringing their extensive training and knowledge about the practice to each  class. You don’t have to be flexible, strong, balanced, or even  focused to try one of our classes—just show up! We will teach you the rest. 

New to our studio! We want to meet you! Try our our classes with our New Student Offer - 1 Month of Unlimited Yoga for $30. 

Our one hour Vinyasa flow class is suitable for new and experienced practitioners alike! Designed to provide a total body workout, this class combines elements of power, strengthening and deep stretch. Our studio is heated to 93 degrees to create the optimal environment for your body to open up without being uncomfortably hot. You will sweat, shake and smile through flowing sequences that are guaranteed to leave your mind and body feeling refreshed.

This a slower Vinyasa class designed to create heat through longer holds with a strong emphasis on core work and alignment. Class ends with a relaxing deep stretch series and a juicy savasana to help you unwind. Perfect for all levels, including beginners interested in building strength to help transition into the All Levels Heated Vinyasa classes. This class is one hour and heated to 93 degrees.

Yin yoga is a wonderful counterbalance to any fitness routine. It is a practice that facilitates deep release of the physical, energetic, mental, and emotional effects of everyday stresses. Think of it as a reboot. Just as more active (yang) exercise practices help build strength and flexibility in the muscles, Yin Yoga helps build strength and flexibility in the body’s connective tissue through gentle, long-held postures during which the focus is placed on the breath. This healing practice is perfect for new and experienced yogis, as well as athletes wishing to benefit from faster muscle recovery and increased range of motion. Highland Yoga's Yin/Restorative class combines the deep stretch of Yin with more restorative and relaxing postures to help you wind down and release tension in your body.

"Highland Yoga is BY FAR the best yoga studio I have ever found. The instructors are exceedingly knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful." -Kevin C.

"My experience has been beyond outstanding. Everyone here is ridiculously nice and I have never experienced such kindness while getting an incredible workout at the same time. You leave there with a clear mind, ready to tackle anything that life throws your way. I wouldn't leave here for anything and have no reason to try any other studio. Please do yourself a huge life favor and try out a class here. You won't regret it." - Andrew R.

"The teachers here are extremely professional, reliable and overall great business-people. The studio is beautiful, clean and always smells fresh. The Highland Yoga flow consistently delivers as the best way to calm my always-racing mind, break a sweat, feel the burn all over my body. I feel longer and stronger. I haven't found a single teacher there I didn't like. I can't say enough great things about this this!" - Alex L.

"Highland Yoga has become my home away from home. The wide variety of instructors provide guidance for students who are just beginning to practice or those who desire to become instructors themselves. For myself it has become a safe space stripped of judgment and full of care." - Valerie C.

"After coming here for a month, I never left and still don't plan to. I haven't found a studio I like as much as this. It's the first time I've noticed physical changes in my body and I've been doing yoga for 3-4 years. These classes are tough, but I always leave feeling strong, relaxed and calm. I would highly recommend Highland Yoga to anyone looking for a studio to join!" - Callie C.

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